1.Privacy policy

The most important things to Color Enhance is your privacy. For this reason, our privacy policy includes what information we gather. How we use your information. How we keep your data private and store your information. We believe that our privacy policy is well-said and outspoken to understand easily.

This privacy policy covers all the information that is collected via our website when any clients visit our website whether they may be personal or non- personal available to us.


Please go through the privacy policy with sincerity and care when you enter or visit our website. You are bound to comply with the privacy policy and Terms of service set by the incorporated reference by Color Enhance. If you disagree to all of the Terms of privacy, you won’t be allowed to use our site or your project may get terminated. Please read the privacy policy as mentioned by us on our website.

2.what individual information we gather:

We sometimes may gather your personal information to provide you with the best service. The information we collect depends on our offer, promotion and survey. Please fill up a personal information form which is given below if you like us to get you the best service.

The information you have to give while filling up a personal information form contains the following.

Full name



Email address

Company name(optional)

Website (option)

  1. Use of information

how we use your personal information mentioned below:

The collected information we gather

  • To get in touch with you
  • To make your transaction process easy
  • To improve our customer support service

For many other business purposes

4.With whom do we share your information


We share the collected information (credit card number) to our transactional vendors on our behalf. This is done only for transactional purposes. These companies do not share your information to other parties without giving specific service of us

We may publish the information we have collected before

  • To prevent a possible crime
  • To help the law enforcing agencies to investigate
  1. your photo policy

When you browse through the Color Enhance site, you may upload your images to the site for a free trail service to access our work. You can simply request us to edit the photos

Our privacy policy includes

  • Keep our Color Enhance image private and do not display it.
  • If Color Enhance is permitted to use your photos, we may share it anywhere on the site or elsewhere

5.Security of personal information

we take proper reasonable security measures to save your personally identifiable information. We are so conscious that your data security and photos all rights are totally reserved.

  1. Changes of privacy policy

We may change our privacy policy if it is essential. The change is made by us to make updates and provide you the most time-be-fitted service.

If any of the materials change is made, you will be notified via email which we took from your primary information. And we like to let you know the updated news which can always be found at the top of the page.